Franziska Schössler


– University of Trier


Franziska Schößler is Professor of German Literature at the University of Trier.

She studied in Bonn, Freiburg, Paris, London, and Brisbane, received her PhD in 1994, and obtained her Habilitation in 2001.

Her work focuses on interdependencies of Literature and Economy (with emphasis on Antisemitism), Theatre (especially Contemporary Drama), and Cultural and Gender Studies.


Recent publications include Augen-Blicke. Erinnerung, Zeit und Geschichte in Dramen der neunziger Jahre (2004) and Börsenfieber und Kaufrausch: Ökonomie, Judentum und Weiblichkeit bei Theodor Fontane, Heinrich und Thomas Mann, Arthur Schnitzler und Émile Zola (2009), GeschlechterSpielRäume. Dramatik, Theater, Performance und Gender (ed. with mit Gaby Pailer) (2010), Drama und Theater nach 1989. Prekär, interkulturell, intermedial (2013).


Liberate Tate



Liberate Tate is an art collective exploring the role of creative intervention in social change. The group aims to "free art from oil" with a primary focus on the art museum Tate in London ending its corporate sponsorship with BP.

Liberate Tate has become internationally renowned for making performances that explore the relationship of public cultural institutions with oil companies. The collective was founded during a Tate workshop on art and activism in January 2010. When Tate curators tried to censor workshop participants from making interventions against Tate sponsors, even though none had been planned, the participants decided to continue their work together and set up Liberate Tate.


Liberate Tate works include Parts Per Million (November 2013), The Gift (July 2012), Floe Piece (January 2012) and Human Cost (April 2011).

Lieven De Cauter


– University of Leuven


Lieven De Cauter is a philosopher, art historian, writer and activist.

He teaches philosophy of culture at the University of Leuven, RITS Media School – Brussels, Berlage Institute – Rotterdam.

He is president of the BRussells Tribunal, co-founder of the World Tribunal on Irak (WTI), co-founder of the Platform for Free Speech, corresponding member of the slow science movement.


Recent book publications include The Capsular Civilization. On the City in the Age of Fear (2004), Art and Activism in the Age of Globalization (2011), and Entropic Empire. On the City of Man in the Age of Disaster (2012)


Ingolfur Blühdorn


– University of Bath


Ingolfur Blühdorn is Reader in Politics/Political Sociology at the University of Bath. His work combines aspects of sociological theory, political theory, environmental sociology and environmental policy analysis.

He has published in many international journals on the transformation of prevalent norms of democracy in European societies, on political protest movements and on issues of contemporary eco-politics.


Recent publications include The Politics of Unsustainability. Eco-Politics in the Post-Environmental Era (ed. with Ian Welsh) (2008), "Zur Zukunftsfähigkeit der Demokratie: Nachdenken über die Grenzen des demokratischen Optimismus" (in: Wissenschaft und Umwelt Interdisziplinär 14/2011), "The Governance of Unsustainability. Ecology and Democracy after the post-democratic turn" (in: Environmental Politics 22.1/2013), Simulative Demokratie. Neue Politik nach der postdemokratischen Wende (2013).