Justus-Lipsiuszaal LETT 08.16

Welcome by Prof. dr. Rik Torfs, Rector of the University of Leuven



Opening Remarks

Arne De Winde, Silke Horstkotte, Esther Peeren



Keynote Lecture

LETT 08.16 – Chair: Martin Kohlrausch

Ingolfur Blühdorn

Anticipation? Performance? Simulation? Political Protest in the Era of Post-politics



Coffee Break

LETT 00.01



Panels A

A1: Crisis and the "New"

LETT 08.16 – Chair: Esther Peeren

Silke Horstkotte ►
Political Theology in a State of Crisis: Badiou, Zizek, Agamben

Volkmar Mühleis ►

Performing protest?

Pier Alberto Porceddu

Cilione / Markus Ophälders ►

Forms of Art – Forms of Protest


A2: From Protest to Imagining, Sharing and Acting for a better world (Univ. Alg. Belang)

MSI1 02.08 – Chair: Sofie Verraest

Sandrine Rose Schiller Hansen / Philippe Vandenbroeck ►

Creative Correspondence – Making History through Protest

Maarten Desmet

Ruth Loos

Leonor Wiesbauer

Kathleen Weyts


A3: Glocality I

MSI1 01.20 – Chair: Anke Gilleir

Andreas Beer ►

Free-Floating Indigeneity or Concrete Local Contexts? The Connections between the Discourse of the Zapatistas and Post-2008 Protest Movements

Joachim Ben Yakoub ►

, Political Iconography and Revolutionary Iconoclasm in the Tunisian Revolution.

Danielle Child ►

Performing Action: The Global Theatre of Art-Activism



Lunch break

LETT 00.01



Panels B

B1: Den (vergangenen) Aufstand auf die Bühne holen

LETT 08.16

Moderator: Silke Horstkotte

Roundtable discussion (in German) with Joachim Robbrecht (andcompany) and Beate Seidel (DNT Weimar)


B2: Community and Participation

MSI1 02.08 – Chair: Markus Ophälders

Estelle Zhong ►
The New Patrons. A New Model of Democratic Participation Based on the Common Need for Art

Jonas Rutgeerts ►

Staging the Collective: Remarks on "We Are Still Watching"

Esther Peeren ►

Playing Along: Engaging Engagement in Rimini Protokoll's "Situation Rooms"


B3: Media & Design

MSI1 01.20 - Chair: Heidi Peeters

Lut Pil ►
Performing Protest through Design: New Strategies for Social Design

Ruud Wouters ►

Selection. Description. Reaction. How Television News Covers Protest.

Jeroen Verbeeck/Mieke Bleyen►

The Critical Potentiality of 'Venture Aesthetics' in the Work of Sven Augustijnen, Jan Peter Hammer and Ronny Heiremans and Katleen Vermeir



Coffee Break

LETT 00.01



Panels C

C1: Affect

LETT 08.16 – Chair: Stef Craps

Wim Peeters ►
Resisting the Affective Condition of Globalization in European Film

Mathijs van de Sande ►

Embodiment: Prefigurative Politics and Synecdochal Representation.

Pieter Vermeulen ►

Losing Welfare, Desiring Welfare: Literature and the Good Enough Life


C2: Rethinking Concepts

MSI1 02.08 4 – Chair: Hubert Roland

Oliver Kohns ►
Authority and its Critique in Protest Cultures

Thomas Ernst ►

Literary Discourses of Subversion and its Aporias. Political Writing after 'littérature engagée' and the End of the Intellectual

Michiel Rys ►

Hate him or love him! The Robespierre Reappraisals of Hannah Arendt and Slavoj Zizek


C3: Glocality II

MSI1 01.20 – Chair: Michael Ludwigs

Allyson Fiddler ►
Tu felix Austria: … protest! Or, Cultural Resistance and Everyday Protest in Contemporary Austria

Anne Breure ►

Performing a Space of Appearance

Florian Göttke ►

"Hanging Evil" – US Protest Effigies



Journal Presentation

LETT 08.16

Presentation Journal Issue BLD



Public Debate (in Dutch)

Kardinaal Mercierzaal – HIW1 01.01

Moderator: Yves Dejaeghere

Mei 2014: Heeft macht nog verbeelding?

Thomas Decreus

Bleri Lleshi

Kathleen Van Brempt

Johan Van Overtveldt


FRIDAY, MAY 9 2014




Panels D

D1: Gender

LETT 08.16 - Chair: Stephanie Eggermont

Lorenzo Bernini ►
"The 'Post' in the Past: Queer Radicalism - in the Spirit of Stonewall".

Franziska Bergmann / Gin/i Müller►

Artist Talk Intersections – Theatrical Art, Gender Theory and Queer Activism


D2: Humorous Approaches to Art and Activism in Conflict (ACGS)

MSI 01.20 - Chair: Tom Toremans

Benjamin Van Tourhout ►
The Expected Return of the Hero

Veronika Zangl ►

Dramaturgies of Laughter in the Performance of Protest

Janna Schoenberger ►

The Anti-Smoking Homo Ludens: Performance Art and Provos in Amsterdam


D3: Media, Discourses and Sounds of Change (S:PAM Gent)

MSI1 02.08 - Chair: Claire Swyzen

Anke Sabbe ►
Theatre and New Media as Oppositional Media

Charlotte Gruber ►

On Behalf of the Testimony. Antigone and the zeitgeist of pro testari

Katharina Pewny ►

The Sound of Support. Reading Linga's "Radioballett", the "Human Microphone" and Motus' "Antigone" (with Rancière)



Coffee Break

LETT 00.01



Keynote Lecture

LETT 08.16 - Chair: Jeroen Laureyns

Lieven De Cauter

Theses on Art and Activism (and Other Dangerous Liaisons)



Lunch Break

LETT 00.01



Panels E

E1: Stadt in Aufruhr

LETT 08.16 – Chair: Sientje Maes

Gruppe International (Performance Documentation and Discussion)


E2: “Never” – Artist Talk

MSI1 01.20 - Chair: Katarzyna Ruchel-Stockmans

Sonja Lau / Armando Lulaj



Keynote Lecture

LETT 08.16 – Chair: Bart Philipsen

Franziska Schößler

Institution and Protest: City (Theatres) in Uproar



Coffee Break

LETT 00.01



Panels F

F1: "I don't do social projects"

LETT 08.16

Sarah Késenne ►
The Joycean Society of Dora Garcia

Frank Theys ►

The Tragic Sciences

Sarah Vanhee ►

Artist Talk


F2: Ecology and Space

MSI 01.20 – Chair: Anneleen Masschelein

Joost de Bloois ►
Art and Politics: On Separable Ties.

Christel Stalpaert ►

Eco-Activism in a Posthuman Era. The Case of Benjamin Verdonck

Tommaso Tuppini ►

Georges Bataille: The Language of Protest, the Spatiality of the Street


F3: Figures and Institutions

MSI1 02.08 – Chair: Thomas Crombez

Ruben De Roo ►
The Protester as a Revolutionary Romantic

Emma Mahony ►

Inside, Outside, or on the Sidelines: Mapping the Strategies of Resistance

Nico Theisen ►

Actors in Uproar. Revolution in Theater as Protest against the Everyday (Theater) Life in the Earlier Works of René Pollesch




LETT 08.16

"Seeing Difference Together"

Nine Yamamoto-Masson

Jerome Reyes

Srinivas Aditya Mopidevi


Rehearsing for Reality

LETT 08.16

INTERVENTION by LABO vzw (Pieter Baets)



Conference dinner

STUK, Expozaal



Enacting Protest?

A Performance Exhibition

STUK, Ensemblezaal - Curator: Wim Lambrecht

– in collaboration with LUCA – School of Arts




in Museum M



Panels G

G1: The Art of Lawlessness (Institute for Live Arts Research, Athens)

Chair: Bart Geerts

Gigi Argyropoulou

Natascha Siouzouli

Eva Fotiadi


G2: Resistance & Recuperation

Chair: Tom Van Imschoot

Christophe Van Gerrewey ►
The Disappearance of Pleasure

Kris Pint / Nadia Sels ►

"Tri-li-li-lee!": Techniques of Oppression and Resistance in the Work of Witold Gombrowicz

Jana Johanna Haeckel ►

Critical Counter-Narratives in Rabih Mroué's The Pixelated Revolution



Coffee break



Artist Talk: A Migrant's Odyssey

Moderator: Hilde Van Gelder

Giorgos Moutafis in debate with Carmen Dupont (Amnesty International Europe) and Eva Brems



Lunch break



Panels H

H1: cRISEs UP!

Moderator: Arne De Winde

Roundtable Discussion (in Dutch) with Fred Louckx


H2: We need heroes now

LETT 08.16 - Chair: Raf Geenens

Artist Talk with Benjamin van Tourhout (NUNC) and Ruth Mellaerts (fABULEUS)



Keynote Lecture

Liberate Tate

Chair: Kurt Vanhoutte

Disobedience as Performance



Coffee Break



Film Screening

Moderator: Isolde Vanhee

Peter Snowdon: "The Uprising"

Screening and Discussion with the Director



Closing Remarks and Goodbye